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Outside the Box Thinking Within the Square

If getting lost in a world of upmarket shops appeals to you then Square One is your shopping paradise. Square One Mall encompasses everything a mall was meant to be as a one stop shopping experience, however it offers more than the regular shops you might expect to find. With stunning, inspirational reconstruction underway to the tune of $84 million the possibilities are mind boggling to the avid shopaholic. The mall was completed back in 1973 and it has seen many changes to bring it to its current state and size of 1.6 million square feet. The only way to fully appreciate Square One’s overwhelming offerings is to break it down into sections and turn on your GPS.

Fashionista Fantasy

It doesn’t matter what your style, Square One stores surpass the most discerning person’s tastes and provides everything you need to complete your wardrobe. Whether you are stepping out in style for a night on the town, looking in your closet and rolling your eyes with nothing to wear to school, or need a polished look for that big presentation at the office, Square One can offer you what you need. They also offer a Shopping Consultant service ideal for the lady who wants to look her best but doesn’t have the time to shop.

Sports Fanatic

If it’s not about fashion but instead about fitness, Square One Mall has more sports minded shops in one place than anywhere in the Mississauga area. You can find anything you need for any sport from shoes to equipment and the facilities to work out.

Constant Contact

Square One is communication central and you can shop for all of your mobile devices, electronics and services to keep you in constant contact with not just friends and family, but what is going on in the world. To find out what’s trending on twitter, what your friends are up to on Facebook and to let the world know what you’re up to as well you can’t do any of it without the latest devices, Apps and other gadgets and its all right here at Square One.

Keeping Busy

No matter what your interests you can spend hours shopping for your favourite past times. From the avid reader to the arts and craft person to the got to have the latest gadget guy, there is a shop sure to tease even the brightest of minds into starting a new past time.

Cover Girl

Imagine every elegant line of makeup and every on trend brand of self-indulgent skin care and you will find them all at Square One. You can have every beauty expert in the mall falling over themselves to get to you and show you the Must Haves of the season. You will always get your first taste of what’s new and now when you visit Square One Mall. You will be beautiful.

Bring the Bling

Diamonds and gold, costume and accessories all that glitters and some things that don’t depending on what’s hot and what’s not. It’s all at Square One. Engagement rings, watches and the perfect anniversary gifts are all in an easy one stop jewellery shopping experience.

When you are looking for the ultimate shopping experience in the Mississauga area, Square One is your destination mall. Square One stores offer fashion forward resources to the savvy shopper looking for on trend fashion and home design while covering everything you need for your everyday life. And with plans to open a Holt Renfrew flag ship store in 2016, the mall is sure to open its doors to a whole new level of clientele.


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