Mississauga Transit

Pre-School Child FREE
(must be accompanied by a fare paying passenger)

Person with Vision Loss (with C.N.I.B. card) FREE

Support Person FREE
(A person whose presence is essential to provide care and
assistance to a person with disabilities. One support person per
disabled customer will travel at no cost. A support person accompanying
a person with vision loss must pay a regular fare)

CASH FARE (All Passengers) $3.25

(Grades 1 to 8)
Five Tickets $8.25

Ten Tickets $16.50

PRESTO e-Purse (cost per trip) $1.65

(Grades 9 to 12, including
full-time university and
community college
students. Must show
current school ID when
using tickets or passes)
Five Tickets $11.25

Ten Tickets $22.50

Weekly Pass $24.50

Monthly Pass $101.00

PRESTO e-Purse (cost per trip) $2.25

Adult Five Tickets $13.00

Ten Tickets $26.00

Weekly Pass $29.00

Monthly Pass $120.00

PRESTO e-Purse (cost per trip) $2.60

(65 years of age or older)
Five Tickets (must show senior ID) $8.75

Ten Tickets (must show senior ID) $17.50

Monthly Pass (must use with MiWay Photo ID) $47.00

Annual Pass (must use with MiWay Photo ID) $474.00

MiWay Senior Photo ID
(new and replacement, includes HST)

PRESTO e-Purse (cost per trip) $1.75

Reduced Fare with GO Ticket/Pass (to and from GO rail station) $0.70

PRESTO e-purse $0.70

GO Monthly Sticker (to and from GO rail station; must use with GO
monthly pass available from GO stations)

GTA Weekly Pass (unlimited travel within the Greater Toronto Area on
these transit systems: MiWay, TTC, Brampton Transit and York Region Transit)

Cash Only – One Way – Single $8.50
Cash Only – One Way – Family of Four
(1 adult 3 children or 2 adults 2 children)

Route Map (includes HST) $2.00


  • When you purchase a new PRESTO card, there is a $6 issuance fee.
  • A $10 minimum load is required upon purchase and at each reloading.
  • There are no exchanges on PRESTO fare media.
  • Concession fare eligibility is based on age not school grade.


New Monthly Passes are available for sale by the 22nd day of each month.

New Weekly Passes are available for sale every Wednesday, and you can purchase 3 weeks of
passes in advance.