Lorne Park


Lorne Park Mississauga

Lorne Park may not be one of the bigger communities that makes up the city of Mississauga, but that doesn’t affect the beauty of this locale, or all that it has to offer to both its residents and visitors. It takes up a section of the South Western section of Mississauga. It originally began as a resort, but has since grown into a vibrant community which offers many assets to those who live here. It is an urban area which allows it to remain out of the hub of the city, yet within moments one can easily arrive in downtown Mississauga. It has easy access to the major road of Lakeshore Road. Residents enjoy the use of the main Mississauga transit system. Most are familiar with Lorne Park as the Lorne Park Estates. This little community is so well thought of because it depicts a country atmosphere with its beautiful forestry, park settings and walking trails. It is absent of the feel of isolation that often comes with country living because of its close proximity and easy access to the hub of the city.

Aside from the aforementioned assets of living here, it also has a reputation for some excellent schooling opportunities ranging from grade school up to high schools. It is an upper caliber neighborhood where residents enjoy a low crime rate and an atmosphere that is perfect for raising a family.

Although one would certainly consider this an ultra-modern vicinity, the community still holds onto its grass roots which can be seen in the presence of the historical building the Canavan House. It can be difficult to make a decision as to which is the most favourable community when it comes to Mississauga as there are several great ones to choose from. For those that are new to this city and its many communities that it is comprised of, Lorne Park is certainly well worth considering if one is looking for a residential area that has it all.