Cooksville Mississauga

About Cooksville

A neighbourhood in Mississauga, Cooksville is located at Hurontario Street and Dundas Street. Cooksville is the main hub for transportation in Mississauga – with a GO Transit rail and bus service to Toronto Union Station as well as a Mississauga Transit and GO Bus Terminal, adjacent to Square One.

Population and Housing

The population of Cooksville is well-diverse, with people from all over the world. The area is housed with many high-rise condominium and rental buildings.

Cooksville Residential Housing Prices:

House Type Price Range
Detached $300,000-$900,000
Semi $300,000-$620,000
Townhouse $275,000-$400,000
Condo/Town $280,000-$500,000
Condo/Apt $150,000-$360,000