Clarkson Mississauga

Clarkson is one of those rare but wonderful communities that have the ability to blend the old with the new. It is situated in the Southwest area of the city of Mississauga, and is proud to be known as the oldest community that makes up this fine living area.

It is fondly referred to as the Clarkson Village, and is proud in its preservation of the history of Mississauga by housing the Bradley and Benares House historic museums. The Bradley Museum keeps the memories of days gone by alive with presentations of the life of the early Ontario Settlers. Benares House is a favorite place to frequent by both residents and visitors alike, as they are much appreciated for their hosting of special events.

For those that enjoy the modern amenities there is nothing lacking when it comes to what this community has to offer. There is a vast selection of shopping experiences, including Square One, and although Clarkson is the hub of activity, maneuvering throughout the community is usually quite pleasant. The geographical layout of the community allows for easy access to other areas of Mississauga which makes it most convenient for the residents living here.

It is a mixed community of all age groups, and has the ability to provide excellent and affordable living conditions for young families’ right up to the senior population. It is a thriving locale with a good mix of industrial and commercial businesses which don’t interfere with the ambiance of residential living.

Clarkson is considered to be a close knit community but is also known for its warm and welcoming nature towards newcomers. In 2009 it had a population of over 11,000, and although it has been growing steadily it is not considered over populated, and there is always a place for new residents. There is always something going on in this beautiful village, and it could never be considered as a place where one may become bored. The motto of Clarkson is “Village on the Go”, and it couldn’t explain this sector of Mississauga in any better way.